Cheapest Sennheiser HD 218 Headphones Rs 949 – 60% oFF


Did you know that headphones should be preferred to earphones when listening to music or watching a movie? Headphones spread over your entire ear and distributes the sound evenly. Moreover, they cause little pain. Change your pair of earphones today. Are you not tired of untangling them every time you want to use them? Lay your hands on this cool set of Cheapest Sennheiser HD 218 Headphones that are available at Rs.949 only.


 How to get the cheapest Sennheiser HD 218 headphones for Rs.949:

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Headphones provide more comfort than the ever tangled earphones. Though, a little bulkier than the earphones, they provide better quality of sound. A little compromise on space and weight can give you good quality sound with minimized side effects. Earphones tend to hurt your ear after a point of time. These sharp objects that penetrate into your ear cannot be used for a long period of time. Whereas, headphones provide a soft pad that covers the whole of your ear and also prevents external noise. Get the cheapest sennheiser HD 218 headphones for Rs.1990, Rs.949 only.  Feel the bass and the treble of the song clearly. These cheapest sennheiser HD 218 headphones are available in a trendy black color. They are small in size and easier to carry. This month, use headphones for a change and feel the difference.

Product Description:

Sennheiser is a famous German audio company which specializes in production of microphones, headphones and various other accessories for professional and business use.

Sennheiser HD 218 Wired Headphones
Key Features:-
-Powerful neodymium magnets for powerful bass-driven stereo sound
-Individually adjustable earcups for a secure and comfortable fit
-Closed design blocks outside noise creates a controlled environment for better sound
-Optimised for iPod
-MP3 and CD players
-Sennheiser HD218 is a closed-back on-ear (Supraaural) headphone that is built with high quality material. The earcups fit snugly on the ear, effectively blocking outside noise. The earcups are soft and individually adjustable for a comfortable fit. The headband is fitted with quality headpads for extended listening comfort.
-The HD218 headphone is built with closed type dynamic transducers with low impedance and higher sound pressure, that produces clear sound. The low harmonic distortion ensures that every tone and sound is produced with stunning clarity. Sennheiser HD218 is single cable type, with 3.5 mm jack. The cable length is 1.4 meters (13 feet approximately), providing sufficient mobility.



6 Responses to “Cheapest Sennheiser HD 218 Headphones Rs 949 – 60% oFF”

  1. Shafeek

    I only got an electrical guitar (First Act) from 1 of my neighbors plus i purchased a pair of SennHeiser HD 201S headphones to go with it, nevertheless im not getting any sound from the headphones. The headphones function inside my iPod, plus it has an adapter to plug into the guitar. Clearly i have no idea what i’m doing, thus any aid will be fantastic.

  2. Ikrimah

    I am shopping for an good pair of headphones ideally beneath 3000 rs. It must have good bass, crystal well-defined sound, ought not to damage the ears, could cut off exterior sounds plus music cannot be heard by individuals outside, fair portability etc. It is superior when it is very a sennheiser because i am yet to test it out. However, crystal obvious sounds with good bass is the leading criteria. of today i have SONY MDR-XD200, that i find completely pathetic. How is Sennheiser HD 200 headphones?

  3. Nadeesh

    I like to utilize my sennheiser hd 280s on my TV to play xbox 360, however, I don’t learn what wires I require. My tv doesn’t have a headphone jack, thus I think I want a RCA to woman headphone jack converter or anything? Can anybody assist me out?

  4. Vaydeesh

    I’m hoping to purchase good nevertheless less expensive headphones before class begins. One of my choices is the Bose On-Ear Headphones. So far, I’ve read a great deal of wise critiques regarding this model plus I’m considering ordering it when my alternative choice doesn’t exercise.

    Other than the cost, what are the alternative difficulties of the headphone? Is it true which durability is an problem? Is it truly sensitive or delicate?

    My different choice is the Sennheiser HD 448, that I’m favoring at when as a result of its standard plus cost.

  5. I’m trying to find a superior closed plus over-ear headphone, which is superior for running off an iPod Classic. I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD 550 plus I’ve realized the open-ear shape, lengthy cable plus big headphone jack aren’t wise for on-the-go employ :(.

    I hear to largely hardcore/post-hardcore music plus ready to invest about $700.


  6. I desire certain good headphones inside the <$150 range for my home theater. I come home from work late at night and don't want to wake up my wife and daughter, but still want to enjoy a movie or some Xbox.

    Obviously I'd go purchase the Sennheiser HD 650s when I sought to flip out 1/2 a grand, yet that's impossible.

    Anybody have any advantageous suggestions?

    5.1 sound plus superior bass are significant!

    Thanks neighbors!


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