Cheapest Taxis in Gurgaon | Ride Anywhere in Gurgaon at Rs 10/Km

Sonali Singh

Well, talking about the technological boom, its needless to say that world has paced up with the rocket’s speed. And with this growth, emerged many cities, from small agricultural towns to the ostentatious extravagant cities with sky-high buildings. A city among these, unveils its story of growth. Gurgaon is a city that the Government of India, now recognizes as a part of the National Capital Region, being its location very close to the national capital. A hub that nurtures thousands of companies for their growth. The journey from a shriveled land to the ultra-sophisticated land wasn’t easy for sure. And now nestling corporate, broad runways, skyscrapers, tallest of the buildings and what not. Transport, making an important part of the city’s infrastructure calls for the need for taxis to match up the pace of the city. OlA Cabs proving you transport prompt and swift, brings cheapest taxis in Gurgaon. You can take a ride anywhere in Gurgaon at just Rs 10/km.

How to book cheapest taxis in Gurgaon?

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  2. Use┬áCoupon Code : GURGAON10 – To Call Taxi at Rs 10/ km.
  3. Click on Book Now.

For Airport Transfer .


Traversing the city could get a little gruesome, if one gets to grapple with the busy and rickety public transport. For a pleasant and an enjoyable experience, OLA Cabs does this all easy for you. Providing you with the best of the transport facilities and driving you from anywhere to everywhere, highly viable rates is a promise from the OLA Cabs. You certainly get the cheapest taxis in Gurgaon from OLA Cabs as they vows for your safety and provide you with most perfect drivers. Well groomed and maintained cars give you a five star feel. The cheapest taxis in Gurgaon from OLA Cabs helps you to catch up with the ever-running city’s speed. So be it a mad rush to your office, a tensed drive to the airport or a relaxed city tour, cabs from OLA are the intelligent pick. Book taxis now to lounge back and enjoy the drive.

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