Chhota Bheem Shoulder Bag for Rs. 639! Flat 20% off!

Sowmya Nair
Buy Chhota Bheem Shoulder Bag and watch your child jump up in joy. Going to school just got a lot cooler. Let your child show off his new goodie very proudly! You’re kids will love you for this gift on their birthday. Enjoy this great Back to school offer and buy this amazing gift for 2-14 yrs olds today. Limited stock so you better hurry.

How to buy Chhota Bheem Shoulder Bag for Rs. 639:

Chhota Bheem Shoulder Bag

  1. Buy Chhota Bheem Shoulder Bag from Flipkart
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. No Flipkart coupon code required. Flat 20% will be added to the product at checkout.

Has Chhota Bheem taken over your household as well? Does you little one work like an alarm when its time for Chhota Bheem. Well, it’s the same case in most of the Indian household. It is a great cartoon show, even adults must admit. Here’s something that can instantly bring a smile to your child’s face: Chhota Bheem Shoulder Bag! Available for Rs. 639 on Flipkart, flat 20% off!

Chhota Bheem has taken over your child’s mind like magic. It’s a cute show, so there’s nothing wrong with this harmless addiction. How many times have you gone to the mall and your child has cried for some Chotta Bheem goodie or the other? Now it’s time to make him/her super happy. Do you have to convince a grumpy child every morning and pack him to school? This shoulder bag can get him excited to get up early and show it off to his friends. It’s heart warming to see a  happy child. Isn’t that the reason you work so hard everyday? For little joys, shop from flipkart. Buy this Chhota Bheem Shoulder bag right away! So much cheaper than market price.

Product Description:

  • Shoulder Bag
  • 14 inch Bag Size
Model Name HMSOSB75003-BH
Bag Type Shoulder Bag
Number of Pockets 1 Pockets
Bag Pockets Side Pocket
Number of Compartments 3 Compartments
Bag Compartments 2 Big and 1 Small Compartments
Bag Capacity 14 mm

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