Cleartrip flights! Get upto Rs.1500 Instant Cashback!

Sowmya Nair

Summer summer summer. So much heat! Don’t you feel like packing your bags and just leaving. Go somewhere to beat this heat! Plan a vacation with Cleartrip flights. Why cleartrip? Because they have something to completely seduce you into planning a vacation. Rs. 1500 cashback on your cleartrip flights. Go ahead, jump in joy. We will give you a moment.

Pinch yourself. This Cleartrip Flights cashback offer is real. Read on!

What’s the deal?

  1. Planning somewhere within India?Get Rs.500 instant cashback on any domestic round-trip flight booked on Mobile.
  2. International dreams? Why not! Get Rs.1000 instant cashback on any international roundtrip flight booked on Mobile.

Cleartrip Flights

How to get a cashback of Rs. 1500 from Cleartrip Flights:

  1. Go to on your mobile phone or download the Cleartrip App available for iOS on the App Store, for Android on Google Play Store & for Windows on the Windows Store respectively
  2.  Use coupon code CTMAYMOB before making payment

Valid for bookings between 01 May 2013 – 31 May 2013. Dates of Travel are open.


  • Offer is valid on any roundtrip flight booked on using your Mobile Phone. Not valid for bookings made on your Desktop/Laptop.
  • Also not valid for bookings made on IVR/Phone with Cleartrip Customer Care.
  • To avail of cashback you need to enter coupon code CTMAYMOB before payment while booking. If coupon code is not entered correctly then you will not receive any cashback.
  • You can avail the offer only once on domestic flights & once on international flights. If you transact more than once, you can still book but will not get any cashback on your 2nd domestic flight transaction or 2nd international flight transaction.
  • You can make payment with any Debit or Credit Card of your choice. Not valid for payment made by Netbanking or Cash.
  • The cashback offer is valid per booking. In case you book more than 1 adult/ ticket/ segment in a single booking, you will still receive cashback on per booking basis only.
  • In case you cancel the booking (in part or full) the entire cashback availed for the said booking will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • Valid on Adult & Child bookings only. Not valid for Infants.
  • This offer cannot be clubbed with any other cashback offer on
  • The product & services offered by Cleartrip Private Limited are governed by the terms of use prescribed by Cleartrip on its site & as amended from time to time.
  • Cleartrip reserves the right to change or withdraw the offer, anytime at the sole discretion of the Management. The terms & conditions of this offer are subject to change without any prior notice. Disputes are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction. Flight seats are subject to availability.

3 Responses to “Cleartrip flights! Get upto Rs.1500 Instant Cashback!”

  1. Abhimanyu

    somebody told me which when i like to avoid the ATM fees which you must pay from withdrawing cash from the debit card, to buy anything at a shop plus ask for cashback plus they usually provide we the amount of cash we desire? so will i just buy anything little like certain gum plus then ask them to provide me 50 bucks from my card?

  2. Sahojit

    Hello there is there a credit card that can help to have free cashback or free withdrawers from a atm machine without paiding additional charges?

  3. I am planning to see Andaman on my honeymoon inside sept 2013. Want aid for trip booking from Gujarat.What is total trip expense? Please recommend me should you have any alternative greater idea with 50000-80000 Rs. Thanks ahead of time.
    Please supply me any suggestions additional than Andaman in the event you will…


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