Cola full size LED Glass at Rs. 199 – 60% OFF

Sowmya Nair

Say no to boring cutlery, atleast once in a while. Do something fun. Crazy fun! Like this Cola Full Size LED Glass! How to like to have your beer or cola in a glass that sparkling with LED lights? Cola full size LED glass is perfect for bar owners. These glasses will look fab in the nights. It’s just too much fun.

Buy Cola full size LED glass from Tradus at just Rs. 199. It’s a 60% off ! When fun comes so cheap, you simply buy it! Have a sparkling party!

How to buy Cola full size LED Glass at Rs. 199:

Cola full size LED Glass

  1. Buy Cola full size LED Glass at Rs. 199 from Tradus.
  2. Click on BUY NOW.
  3. Use Tradus coupon code LDGL226 to get this glass for Rs. 199.

This could also be a strong way to attract people to your bar. In general, people prefer something different from the usual these days. You could even buy this Cola full size LED Glass for your children. They will never again complain about having to drink juice! This glass is made of unbreakable dense polymer. This is also perfect for house parties and backyard parties. Surprise your friends with these super cool glasses.

Product Description:

  • Perfect stylish item for great for bars, clubs, backyard parties
  • It have an ice feature on the bottom
  • An LED located in the base that flashes or blinks with a switch
  • Food Grade Certified
  • Safe for Kids to serve Cola
  • Can be used in Bars to serve beer
  • Made up of Unbreakable dense polymer



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