Combo 6008 Helicopter with wireless RC and Binocular for Rs 995


The time for adventure is here. Take your outdoor passions to new heights with the Combo 6008 Helicopter with wireless RC and Binocular for Rs 995. For a weekend of fun and frolic, get this super gadget out and get going with the wind.Helicopter with wireless RC and Binocular

How to buy Combo 6008 Helicopter with wireless RC and Binocular for Rs 995:

Equipped with an infrared remote control, it is very easy to maneuver and handle. Built in charger in the remote makes sure the fun never ends, literally. Want to have fun with it after dark? Don’t worry, the glowing lights make it easy to track and handle even at night. And this ain’t all, once you get too ambitious and your copter’s flying high and mighty, take a close look at the moves it makes and enjoy the thrill even more. The Binoculars come free with the Helicopter kit. So hit the sky now! Go get it at an amazing price of  Rs 995.

Features of Helicopter with wireless RC and Binocular

  • In-Built Chromatic Flash Lights – Multicolored flash lights that give a glowing effect while the helicopter flies. It also helps to track & play the helicopter in the dark. In-built lights makes the usage of helicopter in dark easier and the helicopter looks more attractive.
  • Trimming Technology – The remote comes with a trimming option which provides extra stability and gives you freedom to fly the helicopter in any direction you want.
  • Super Turbo Function – Unique accelerating system and built-in remote, which helps to give turbo power to the helicopter while flying it.
  • Size – At just 19 cm long, this detailed micro helicopter comes to you with a dual rotor. One of the smallest remote controlled helicopters.
  • Durable PVC Body – Has an internal metal frame and high quality plastic body.
  • Collapsible Wings – All wings are collapsible, which looks lifelike. It facilitates easy storage.
  • Weight – It has the maneuverability of its bigger counterpart, with twice as much fun in its lightweight body.
  • Infrared Connectivity – This remote controlled helicopter comes with infrared connectivity.
  • No Antenna – Due to infrared connectivity, there is an antenna in the remote or in the helicopter.
  • Smooth Function & Stable Function – It has an astonishingly smooth motor system, giving you a clean take-off, hover, forward and stop – all as easy as adjusting its throttle.
  • In-Built Light – In-built lights are present in the helicopter, which blinks at the time of flight. So if you are playing the same at dark, you can easily locate your flying helicopter.
  • Triple Rotators – Due to triple rotators, the helicopter flies smoothly & more accurately. It will give you professional experience.


  • Comes with built-in light
  • Allow users to see in the dark with night beam vision
  • Green tinted lenses for surveillance
  • 4 x 30 mm lenses
  • Pop up spotlight shines 25 feet
  • Green stealth light and stealth light switch
  • Neck strap included

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  1. jos Rodriguez

    Ordered 2 for my twin sons
    Perfect for price
    Perfect for leisure


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