Combo of 2 Toshiba Suruga 8GB Pen Drive at Rs 589 – 41% OFF


Are you one of those people who like to keep their important office data on their person at all times of the office so that if need bit, you could just flick it out and snap out that graph. Then the Toshiba Suruga 8GB Pen Drive is the one stop data drive for you. Read on to get this cool pen drive  at a 41 % discount


How to get Combo of 2 Toshiba Suruga 8GB Pen Drive at Rs 589:

Like to keep your data handy?? Fond of music and like to carry your favorite tunes with you?? Anything you do, anywhere you go nowadays, the need to have a data storage device with you has become increasingly pressing and you need to get one right away. So give this combo offer from toshiba a look and you’ll see that when you get two at the price of one, the deal gets even more sweeter. These 8 Gb suruga models give ample space to you for all your important material and provide you comfortable transfer speeds of 17 mbps of read and 7 mbps of write speed. These slick and handy toshiba suruga pen drives

are available at an awesome discount of 41 % and you can save Rs. 409. So pay Rs. 589 for two now!! Do not wait for the deal to go away because soon it will! Grab your offer now

Product description:

Key Features

  • Model: Suruga
  • Capacity:8GB
  • Read Speed: up to 17 MBytes/s
  • Write Speed: up to 7 MBytes/s
  • Large storage capacity



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