Combo of 5 Himalaya Products at Rs. 194 Only

Sowmya Nair

Himalaya Products are best known for their natural properties. Unlike many other chemical based skin products, Himalaya Products understand tender skin and works accordingly. Pepperfry offers a Combo of 5 Himalaya Products at just Rs. 194! Buy this combo of 5 Himalaya Products at just Rs. 194 and take care of your skin, joints, lips, heels and hands! All in one. Simply fantastic!

How to get Combo of 5 Himalaya Products at Rs. 194 Only:

Combo of 5 Himalaya Products

  1. Buy Combo of 5 Himalaya Products from
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. Apply Coupon codes PEPOMGB89PK or PEPOMGT45FV or PEPOMGK79PV to get the combo for Rs. 194
  4. Free Shipping on Prepaid Orders while COD attract a charge of Rs. 49

The Combo contains one Himalaya Gentle Refreshing toner, 1 Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer, 1 Lip balm, Foot care cream and Himalaya Muscle and Joint rub. This Comboof 5 himalaya products is a must have for every woman. Most women suffer from dry and bleeding lips, chipped and painful heels, joint ache and bad skin. Most of us also forget how important a hand sanitizer is. This combo of 5 Himalaya Products makes a lot of sense. We think its by far the most comprehensive skin related combo we’ve noticed. And all of this at just Rs. 194!

Gentle Refreshing Toner 100 Ml Kit – Pollution is a bitch. And can cause too much harm to your face. Make it habit to use Himalaya Gentle Refreshin Toner every night to cleanse your skin. Happy skin means a happy you!

Purehands Hand Sanitizer 50 Ml – Most of us move around all day. Touch various things – plates, glasses, laptops, many times. We really are touching too many harmful germs and later eating with the same hands. Make sure to use this hand sanitizer before every meal to ensure truly clean hands.

Himalaya Lip Balm 10 Gms – Suffering from chipped and bleeding lips? Don’t let you lips get dry. Take good  care by applying this lip balm many times in a day.

Foot Care Cream 50 Gms – Chipped heels are painful and ugly to look at. Keep you feet beautiful forever by applying this footcare cream on affected areas every night before you go to sleep

Muscle And Joint Rub 20 Gms – Stressful life inturn leands to a lot of aches and pains. Buy end of day our muscles and joints ache. Painkillers are not the best mode of taking care of yourself. Stop popping tablets all the time. Rub this Muscle and Joint Rub cream on affected ares and feel instant relief!

Product Description:

Himalaya Lip Balm 10 Gms,
Muscle And Joint Rub 20 Gms,
Purehands Hand Sanitizer 50 Ml,
Foot Care Cream 50 Gms,
Gentle Refreshing Toner 100 Ml Kit

  • Pack Content 5 Units
  • Quantity/Volume 230 Ml
  • Brand Himalaya

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