Complete Body Massager Manipol For Rs.540 Only

Sowmya Nair

Thanks to our life style, we are all stressed out and worked up all the time. There seems to be a constant headache and general fatigue.

Buy Complete Body Massager Manipol from Rediff for just Rs. 540. At  78% off, we think this is a good buy!

How to buy Complete Body Massager Manipol For Rs. 540 Only:

Complete Body Massager

  1. Buy Complete Body Massager Manipol from Rediff.
  2. Click on ADD TO CART.
  3. No Rediff coupon code is applicable.

With aches throughout your body here and there, it’s easy to let life go without experiencing every moment to its fullest. We have one life, its important to spend every minute possible being happy and content. A relaxing massage can bring the kind of peace nothing else can. How many of us spend thousands at a massage parlour? A simple massage can cost you a great deal. The thought of spending so much refrains us from getting the massage done. What if you had a massager at home? A complete body massager can very well be the most beneficial for you. Softly massage tensed areas and experience instant relief.

Production Description:

The Manipol Complete Bbody Massager As Seen On Tv.
Complete Body Massage
Power Speed Regulator
Hand Grip
Massage Head
Wave Cap
Roller Cap
Mesh Cove

Fitting of Mesh Cover, Wave Cap and Roller Cap
1. Mesh cover should be used with wave cap only, do not use mesh cover with the roller cap.
2. Mesh cover used in combination with wave cap is suitable for areas which may cause hair entanglement.
3. Do not use the roller cap in areas which may cause hair entanglement.

1. Insert power plug into the wall socket of compatible power source
2. Turn the knob(Power and Speed Regulator) to start the massager
3. Turn the Power and Speed Requlator clockwise to adjust the speed form low ~ high, turn anti-clockwise to turn off the device.
4. After use, turn all switches to the “OFF” position and remove power plug from the wall socket.
5. Correct use of mesh cover to ensure hair protectionWarranty1 Month Vendor Warranty against Manufacturing DefectsIn the Box1 Manipol Massager

8 Responses to “Complete Body Massager Manipol For Rs.540 Only”

  1. Bhagavaandaas

    I am planning on using Dymatize “Mega Gainer” Whey Protein for body building. I have a whole body vibration platform at home, and I am wondering if it would be helpful in any way, for example. a warm up, or a cool down. Oh and I have a home gym at home, does anybody have a recommended daily training guide?

  2. Abhimanuya

    I’m speaking regarding the electrical leg massager. The ones we have to place a legs into , sitting on a seat, whilst it does the massage for we. Does this absolutely offer relief for tired legs?
    Do they have any adverse impact inside the lengthy run?
    Anyone utilizing it ?

  3. Rafael

    I’ve heard a lot regarding the vibrating body plate massager, it sounds good nevertheless possibly too advantageous to really function?
    I thought they were regarding £2000 however on ebay they sell several for between £150-£250, that appears like a bargain.
    Has anybody utilized 1 ?& what affects when any did it have on the body?
    Will the ones off ebay be merely because effective?

  4. I wish To learn where may I receive a total body massage by guy massager inside any reputed Spa inside Hyderabad. pl . allow me recognize from women that took the massage from man nd their experience.I am brand-new to Hyderabad nd wish To relax from my busy schedule.

  5. Vairochan

    I like to purchase my dad the electronic muscle massager. He has chronic back pain plus his nerves plus muscles are shot which he demands a effective 1. We purchased 1 off of ebay for 10 dollars as well as its awesome for you..Its the 1 with all the pads plus sends shock plus stimulates a muscles..but he tried it plus can’t even feel it. So I like to receive him a good 1…what are advantageous brands plus kinds to look for?? I’m not wanting to pend too much…maybe 100 dollars. Thanks

  6. am interested in a full body massager, commonly found just throughout the Christmas season. like inside walmart etc. thanks for any info anybody has!!!!

  7. This is the cheapest massager available online, now you can buy these from Rediff online store. Use coupon code DISCOUNT250, these days, this code is working!


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