Zebronics H-2000Hmv Computer Headphone with Mic – 28%off

Sonali Singh

Does your computer’s headphone sings and plays awesomely bad music for you?.And you do not at all feel like listening to it, as inspite of rejuvenating and relaxing your nerves, it gets you all jarred up?Wash off your worries now, and get your computer a new companion, so that they both too can play, sing and also make you feel elated and let you enjoy harmoniously with them.So,enjoy your favorite music with new jazz and improved bass. Now with  Zebronics H-2000Hmv Computer Headphone with Mic, that comes to you at a price of Rs 266/- a discount of 28%!

How to get the  Zebronics H-2000Hmv Computer Headphone with Mic?

  1. Go to  Zebronics H-2000Hmv Computer Headphone with Mic.
  2. Click on Click here to BUY.
  3. Make your order and pay safely through a safe payment gateway.
  4. Product available are 100% genuine and come with warranty.

Music lovers should not be missing this at all.If your archaic computer headphones are troubling you and making you feel all gloomy with the noise rather cool and soft music, then dash them off and get home today the very smart and smooth  Zebronics H-2000Hmv Computer Headphone with Mic, to enjoy the music like never before.And this comes to at a price of Rs 266/-.Equipped with a built in micro phone, the  Zebronics H-2000Hmv Computer Headphone with Mic, helps you communicate over the web even with clear voice and excellent sound clarity.The  Zebronics H-2000Hmv Computer Headphone with Mic, are an easy fit over the ears and your head, and fits comfortably.

Experience fun while listening to music with the Computer Headphone with Mic which is a stellar performer in its class. It is attached with a built-in microphone that helps you communicate over the web. The microphone is just 6 x 5mm in size. The headphone has a frequency response of 8~22,000Hz and comes with a 2.5 meters long cord, Computer Headphone with Mic is a smart add-on accessory to your computer ensemble. Its 3.5 mm connectors help you connect it to compatible devices at zero effort.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Zebronics.
  • Model: H- 2000Hmv.
  • Computer Headphone With MicMicrophone : 6 x 5mm/58�2dB.
  • Impedance : 32 Ohm at 1kHz.
  • Sensitivity : 105dB/mW.
  • Frequency response : 8~22,000Hz.
  • Maximum power input : 100mW.
  • Cord length : Approx 2.5M.

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Rs 266