Cooler Master Notepal C2 Cooling Fan at Rs. 479 Only

Sowmya Nair

We are addicted to our laptops, aren’t we? We spend most of our day in front of it. Either watching movies, listening to songs, working or catching up on our favorite television show. How many times have you almost burnt your lap due to an overly hot laptop? Many times, isn’t it? Here’s a super cool solution. Literally cool. Cooler Master Notepal C2 cooling fan cools down your laptop so that you can use it longer without any hindrance. An over heated laptop also hangs often and eventually causes serious harm to your expensive laptop. Buy Cooler Master Notepal C2 cooling fan and keep your laptop safe!

Pepperfry offers this Cooler Master Notepal C2 cooling fan for just Rs. 479. Original price is Rs. 799, you only pay Rs. 479. Buy today and stay cool!

How to buy Cooler Master Notepal C2 Cooling Fan at Rs. 479 Only:

Cooler Master Notepal C2 cooling fan


  1. Buy Cooler Master Notepal C2 Cooling Fan from
  2. Login or register to your Pepperfry account
  3. Use pepperfry coupon code PEPOMGJ59PG or PEPOMGK85RP to get 20% off (You must login first to apply coupon codes )
  4. Pay the amount of Rs.479

Product Specification:

  • Brand – Cooler Master
  • Part No – R9-NBC-CMC2-GP
  • Category – Cooling Pad
  • Model- Notepal C2
  • Features – 12 cm Silent Fan, Ergonomic Design
  • Dimensions – 341.5 x 310 x 58 mm
  • Size- 11.6 inch, 13.3 inch, 13 inch, 9 inch, 12 inch, 12.1 inch, 14.1 inch, 15 inch, 10 inch, 10.1 inch, 14 inch
  • Number of Fans – 1
  • Fan Dimensions – 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Fan Speed – 1000 RPM
  • Noise Level – 19 dBA
  • Power Source- USB
  • Power Consumption – 0.8 W
  • Ports and Hubs- USB 2.0/1.1 x1 (for power in)
  • Weight – 570 g

One Response to “Cooler Master Notepal C2 Cooling Fan at Rs. 479 Only”

  1. Charak

    I have a lenovo G700 computer that i employ for gaming primarily plus it appears to receive fairly hot found on the back left where the air vent is. I find i cant utilize all my add ons while gaming considering it over heats the machine. I have performed several analysis nevertheless many coolers appear to just fit 17″ max. thus im worried to purchase 1 because mine is 17.3″ . What do we recogmend?


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