Cosco Sixer Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat from Snapdeal at Flat 15% Off


To full fill all your sports and fitness regime you must work out in some form or the other. Some go for walks, others hit the gym, some play sports like badminton,lawn tennis, cricket etc. The most important thing for any form of sport is a good practice. Now taking care of your sporty and daily regime cosco sixer kashmir willow cricket bat is the right choice for your cricket games. The bat that can be easily held and a good grip can be taken of for your each and every shot. You will definitely a major improvement in your game once you start playing with the willow cricket bat. vaialble at for only Rs.867 when you use the coupon code.

How to buy Cosco sixer kashmir willow cricket bat:-

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Cosco Sixer Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

The Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat is made of durable Kashmir willow. It has thick edges and a bulge to enable you to play effectively. It helps you to run high score for your team thus becoming the important player of your team. In fact you will henceforth be called a team runner player. Thus a very important player of your team. This let’s you score really well especially when you want to score runs in a tough situation. This Cosco kashmir willow cricket bat is superbly balanced which allows you to play free flowing shots.

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Rs 1015
Rs 867