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Sonali Singh

Feel chapati making a cumbersome practice?Have always wanted ease at making chapatis?Now dash off the practice of rolling chapatis with a roller.Now make your chapati making a more fun.Cripton brings for you roti maker to give you all the ease.Brought to you by Groupon the amazing Cripton roti maker.It comes to you at a price of Rs 999/- only.

How to get the Cripton Roti Maker at just Rs 999?

  1. Shop for amazing Cripton roti maker.
  2. Save up to 95% in your shopping.
  3. Login in to view the deal.
  4. Or Sign up to view the deal.
  5. Click on BUY NOW.
  6. Rs.50 COD charge for total transaction of Rs.499 and below.
  7. FREE COD for total transaction of Rs.500 and above.
  8. Groupon offers a 7-day refund guarantee  if your product is found to be damaged/defective on arrival.

Now make round and soft chapatis like never before.Get yourself all the comfort in chapati making.Also you do not have to burn yourself all day long in the kitchen.So to get round soft and delectable chapatis it is easier than never before.Bring home Cripton roti maker and make your kitchen a better place to work in.Cripton roti maker is made up of stainless steel.It has a Neon red indication light.It provides you all the indication needed.

And it always keep you updated about the status.The Cripton roti maker gives the roti a uniform burning.The versatile Cripton roti maker can also be used to make pancakes, papads, toast etc.It makes all of these tasty to another level.It is a smart device to make an addition to your kitchen.It will never leave you distressed in the times of need.It is like you best friend that helps you all the while.Now bring home the smart Cripton roti maker and amaze everyone with your yummy rotis.It is a revolutionary device especially designed to help you ladies.It is time saving and eases a lot of effort.

Product Details:

  • Offer is on a 200mm Cripton Roti Maker.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Neon red indication light.
  • Power consumption: 230/240 AC, 50Hz (voltage), 875 Watts.


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