Crystal Plus Voltage Stabilizer @Rs.2222 from PepperFry


Electricity power cuts have always been the headache in Indian society. Unpredictable power cuts, power fluctuations is something so depressing and helpless. Your whole day routine get effected with such irritating electricity problems. For so many years we are daily dealing with this problem and still cant find any reliable solution for this. Sometimes your in middle of your work and sudden power fluctuations and cuts just spoil and ruin your efforts in one go, your just a innocent victim of unreliable power cuts, can’t complain even. Crystal Plus Voltage Stabilizer to some extent prove to be the silver lining in your dark lifeless days.


Crystal Plus Voltage Stabilizer @Rs.2222 only from PepperFry. Isn’t is brightly amazing. Just to cheer up your dull day routine with lightning bright power. Compatible Devices are Television upto 46 inch and Home Theater, DVD player etc. No longer feel the depression of unpredictable power fluctuations and cuts when  Crystal Plus Voltage Stabilizer is there. Your ultimate power solution for all electricity problems.

How To Get  Crystal Plus Voltage Stabilizer @Rs.2222 from PepperFry:

  1. Buy Crystal Plus Voltage Stabilizer.
  2. Click on Buy Now.
  3. Cash on delivery.
  4. Delivered in 5 Business Days.
  5. 3-year manufacturer warranty.
  6. 30 days return policy.

About Crystal Plus Voltage Stabilizer:

Under Volt Protection Output Voltage Correction Over Volt Protection 2.5% Accuracy Wall and Floor Mount Generator Compatible Voltage Stabilizer is available in different colors hence you will receive the product as per color availability.

  • Brand :V-Guard.
  • Color :Multicolor.
  • Warranty :3 Years.
  • Compatible Devices : Television upto 46 inch and Home Theater, DVD.
  • DTH Generator Compatibility : Yes.
  • Body : Mount Type Wall, Floor.

Performance Features

  • Output Voltage Correction : Yes

Other Performance Features

  • Mains Turn-on Delay.
  • Performs in Wide Input Range.
  • >95% Efficiency Safety.


  • Under Volt Protection – Yes.
  • Over Volt Protection – Yes.
  • Overload Protection – Yes.

Power Features

  • Minimum Input Power (V) :167 V.
  • Maximum Input Power (V) :290 V.
  • Minimum Output Power (V) :200 V.
  • Maximum Output Power (V) :240 V.
  • Accuracy (%) :2.5 %.
  • Minimum Frequency (Hz) :50.

Other Power Features

  • High Voltage Cut-off: 290 V Input (240 V Output).
  • Capacity: 3 Amps.
  • 120 – 290 V Input Voltage Range.

Additional Features

  • Other Features – Primary Switching Technology, Zero Cross Detector Technology.
  • DimensionsW x H x D – 135 x 180 x 305.
  • Weight – 3.85g.


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