Dark Blue Jeggings for Casual Wear Price at Rs 892 – 15% OFF



Jeans often becomes very uncomfortable in monsoons. When they’re wet in rains, they take a lot of time to go dry again. In such situation, jeggings are often a better choice than wearing jeans. Dark Blue Casual wear Jeggings are offered at 15% OFF at just Rs. 892.

How to Get Blue Jeggings for Casual Wear Price at Rs 892?

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Jeggings are comfortable to wear and always a better choice than jeans. Their soft cloth can compliment your curve pretty well. If you’re not a person who can carry off jeans pretty well than this dark blue jeggings can give you a feel of wearing a jeans as its pattern is very much similar to one and you can also be comfortable with the material it is made of. This jeggigs is of the Barrel’s creations which makes pretty stylish clothes for the young crowd.

The fabric used is cotton polyster which is easy to wear and carry. This dark blue jeggings can be paired up with a flower print kurti, a tunic or even a t-shirt for that matter. Blue being a basic colour, you can put on any colour top or kurti of your wish on this. It has an elastic on its waist. So you don’t really have to worry about the open button or zip while you put this on. Probably the best choice for you to wear in monsoons as jeans take a lot of time to dry up once you’re drenched in the rains.


Designed to enhance those beautiful curves, this pair of jeggings from Bazel is a perfect pick to showcase your style. Try styling this pair with a floral tunic and a trendy solid colour top for a fresh monsoon look.


  • Fabric category: Denim
  • Fabric quality: Cotton Polyster
  • Body fit: Slim
  • Color: Blue

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