Flat 56% OFF Davidoff Cool Water Men 125 ML


Don’t you think you need the new aura of a new deodorant? Try the Flat 56% off Davidoff Cool Water Men 125 ML to give yourself a treat to your olfactory senses. The first fragrance introduced by the company was Davidoff for Men, in 1984. The Davidoff brand achieved remarkable success with the introduction of Cool Water, one of the first in the Aromatic Aquatic fragrance category and often imitated by men’s fragrances in the decade that followed. The Davidoff brand continues to offer fragrances for men and women.

Davidoff Cool Water Men 125 ML
Davidoff Cool Water Men 125 ML

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A beguiling perfume, crafted for the man who keeps his cool when the world around him descends to chaos. As he remains undisturbed and rises amongst the cinders of bedlam, his signature fragrance Davidoff Cool Water, takes a bow. Flat 56% Davidoff Cool Water Men 125 can be used on a daily basis which keeps you refreshed all day long. The aura lingers on for long number of hours to impress everybody around you. It makes a subtle yet bold impression. The fragrance is not very sharp, which makes it a delight for the nose, not a shock! Flat 56% Davidoff Cool Water Men 125 is like a flash of cool water with a scintillating calm around you. A premier brand like Davidoff being the manufacturer, it guarantees you unparalleled luxurious appeal. A perfume crafted specially for men! Flat 56% Davidoff Cool Water Men 125 is brought to you at rs 3850 1699 only.

It can be a very good option for gifts as well!

Product Details:

  • Brand: Davidoff
  • Fragrance Type: Aquatic
  • Quantity: 125 ml
  • Top Note: Peppermint, lavender
  • Middle Note: Coriander, jasmine, oak moss, geranium, sandalwood
  • Base Note: Amber, musk
  • Product Code: RTDCM125OT


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  1. Radhey

    I’ve received a bottle of Davidoff Cool Water EDT..
    However i wish To present it to someone, state, like following a year or anything.. Will which do any damage to the perfume?
    Is there any issue when the perfume bottle is unopened for a year or thus?
    Please answer.


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