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Imagine a scene, you’re up for a fancy dinner, getting ready, looking smooth after that shave and looking dashing in that tux of yours and then you reach for the fragrance to wear. And now you don’t know, the one you already have doesn’t smell that good anymore and it simple despises you to wear it. In such a situation when you have to get everything right. What do you do? You search for the best in business and now we bring you the best in business.

The best fragrance for men ever! We present to you Davidoff Cool Water! Yes that fragrance many men envy because they tale their women away! Look smart and smell suave with Davidoff Cool Water which you get cheapest at the price of Rs. 1749 at a discount of 55%! Yes, smelling that good was never this cheap! This comfortable and this affordable!

Make a subtle yet bold impression and expression when you use Davidoff Cool Water which is just the best fragrance for men that is available today on the market and you get it at a staggering discount of 55%! yes more than 50%! Making an impression was never this good before! Charismatic you will seem when you wear this fragrance that just blows everyone out of their mind!

Product Details of Davidoff Cool Water Men 125 ML

  • Brand: Davidoff
  • Fragrance Type: Aquatic
  • Quantity: 125 ml
  • Top Note: Peppermint, lavender
  • Recommended for day wear
  • Disclaimer: Please note that the perfume may or may not come in a ploy wrap or seal pertaining to the respective brand’s original packaging standards
  • Keeps you refreshed all day long
  • Middle Note: Coriander, jasmine, oak moss, geranium, sandalwood
  • Like a flash of cool water with a scintillating calm

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