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Fatima Ansari

Are you planning a vacation? With friends or family? Or even a business trip. Are you visiting some place in India? If the answer is yes, then read on. To save on the time, it is best to use flights. Dealstan brings you an entertaining Deal on Flight Ticket Booking. The Deal on Flight Ticket Booking enables you with two free movie tickets. You can fly anywhere in India at

How to avail Best Deal on Flight Ticket Booking at Goibibo – Get 2 Movie Tickets for Free?

  • Go to avail Deal on Flight Ticket Booking.
  • Book any flight or hotel and use GOIBIBO promo code MOVIENOW.
  • The voucher will be sent to you via email on completion of successful booking within 3 days.
  • The offer can be used twice during the offer period valid till 30th September,2013.

This offer helps you save money on movie tickets. Nowadays going for movies is very expensive. A normal visit can cost you not less than INR 1000/-. Just for two people also. And this is not just on flight booking. The Deal on Flight Ticket Booking is also valid on hotel booking. You may be flying anywhere in India. Or you maybe wanting to book a hotel room anywhere in India. You will be entitled two free tickets. And not just in theatre and any timing. You can two show options. Inclusive of theatre, date and time. In order to process the request. You will get one movie voucher. You just have to register them. You will receive authentication numbers. That will help you with acquiring two tickets. is one of the leading online travel sites in India that enables travelers to buy air and bus tickets, hotels and holidays. It is a part of the MIH India Group and was launched in September 2009. Within a short span of time, Goibibo has trounced hundreds of travel sites. Goibibo has a very strong technology enabling it to serve its customers fastest in the market. Speed and service are the core value differentiators of Goibibo.

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Get 2 Movie Tickets for Free