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You deserve to listen to your favourite music with full contentment and satisfaction. Then don’t you think choosing the correct headphones is very important as only the right headphones  will provide you with the sound quality as you desire. Check out the Deal on Panasonic Rp-tcm120e-k Headphone. As the headset has a lightweight in ear design you can easily wear them for long hours without any discomfort.This headphone originally cost Rs.699. If you buy from anywhere online besides here you will get it at a price of Rs.399. The stylish earphones with high quality sound output just at

How to buy Deal on Panasonic Rp-tcm120e-k Headphone?

  1. View the deal on Panasonic Rp-tcm120e-k Headphone.
  2. Click on “ADD TO CART” button.
  3. To get Rs 150 OFF on this deal apply Coupon GET150.
  4. Fill in your details and choose your mode of payment.
  5. Place your order.

Deal on Panasonic Rp-tcm120e-k Headphone is a light weight earphone. Thus becomes a simple and easy carry. Now listen to your music with highest sound quality. Rather also we can say move and groove your favorite music to all places you go to. Also this Deal on Panasonic Rp-tcm120e-k Headphone helps you with the highest sound quality conversations. For how long can you hold the phone to your ear when you are in a long conversation or when you are on long travels. Now get comfort with the use of these earphones. It carries hands free calls via your cell phone or just enjoy listening to music on your phone.It is suitable for most cell phones, PDAs, portable games and music players. It stands out from the rest. It lets you do both listening and answering. is giving you the best of deal on this product. You get a year’s warranty on Deal on Panasonic Rp-tcm120e-k Headphone.

Features of Deal on Panasonic Rp-tcm120e-k Headphone

Compatible with all mobile phones with 3.5mm jack (EXCEPT NOKIA Mobile Phones)Ear Canal Stereo Earphone with built-in Mic and Switch.Traditional canal type earphone with ergonomic design.High Quality 9.0mm OctaRib speakers.

3 size ear-pads are supplied for comfortable fitting.

Neodymium magnet , which is 8 times stronger magnet power gives higher sensivity and wider frequency response.
Frequency Response 20Hz – 22kHz.


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Deal on Panasonic Rp-tcm120e-k Headphone