Delight Lunch Box With Microwave Containers at Rs. 232 only


The best way to carry food to work is only if the food remains warm and does not become cold. To overcome the problem of eating cold food you can now purchase Delight Lunch Box With Microwave Containers. Delight lunch box keeps your food warm till the time you eat it thus giving you a satisfying lunch. This lunch box originally cost Rs.550 but now after a discount of 40% it is available for only Rs.332 thus saving Rs.218. 


  How to buy Delight Lunch Box With Microwave Containers:-

  1. Buy Delight Lunch Box With Microwave Containers at Rs.232 only.
  2. Click on buy now.
  3. Proceed to checkout.
  4. Enter Coupon code “HOTKITCHEN
  5. Login to order.
  6. Mention shipping address.
  7. Make payment.
  8. Free shipping.
  9. Enjoy cash on delivery.

So many of are tired of eating food from outside during work and long for home made food. Some people like to eat from out but after a couple of days they too long for home made food. Others get home made food but do not have it as the food has turned out to become very cold. What can be a solution for these problems? The only solution is to carry home made hot food and keep it hot until eaten. Now what is the way to keep hot food hot? The only way is to use Delight Lunch Box With Microwave Containers that keeps food hot until eaten. Besides this the containers are microwave containers thus if any work place has a microwave you can easily get your food made hotter by simply putting these containers in the microwave. It is a very simple and easy task and you yourself can do it without the help of any peon. A two in one purpose Delight lunch box now only for Rs.232.

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