Deodorant for men Adidas combo of 2 deos and showergel @Rs.425 35%off


Men who does long workouts or are athelete need antiperspirant deodarant and showergel with long lasting essencens. Get the latest Adidas deodorant for men with free showergel. Feel fresh through out a day. It generate extra cooling sensation reactivated through out your day whenever your body needs it. It kills odour causing bacteria and gives musculine scent. Shower gel remove the impurities and cleanses your skin. No longer bear the embarrassment of bad body odour feel confident with the adidas deodorant for men along with showergel. Dealstan is proud to offer adidas combo of 2 deos and showergel @Rs.425 with 35% off. Originaly price was Rs.750 has now offering at Rs.425 available at Tradus.


How to buy deodorant for men Adidas combo of 2 deos and showergel @Rs.425 35% off

  1. Go to
  2. Click on buy now.
  3. No coupon code required

About the Adidas deodorant for men :

With a signature masculine scent that stays with you all day long stubbornly, this Adidas Shower Gel reflects the intense involvement of the brand with the world of sports. Like all the heroes in sports are extraordinarily inspiring, same is the extraordinary feel of this shower gel by Adidas. Start your day by indulging in a shower enriched with this revitalising shower gel by Adidas. Organic in nature, this Adidas Intense Touch Shower Gel protects your skin as it cleanses all the impurities from your body. You will experience a smooth and fresh skin after you bathe with this refreshing new product from the sporting specialist Adidas. The shower gel is enriched with a blend of kiwi and black tea. Kiwi helps to firm your skin and boosts your skin texture, making it soft and smooth. The antioxidant property of black tea makes it beneficial for skin, helping it repair to give glow and radiance to your skin. The refreshing fragrance of the body wash gel has a touch of spices, kiwi and smoke of black tea. Pamper yourself and your skin with this heroic fragrance, while you also get involved in the goodness provided; soft and clean skin. Directions for Use

Dispense an adequate amount of this shower gel onto your loofah.
Apply the shower gel on your body and massage it gently.
Rinse thoroughly with water.

Specification of Adidas Combo of 2 Deodorants and Shower:

Type: Combo

Brand: Adidas

Gender: Men

Product Weight (g): 500

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