Deodorants for men-Brut Musk & Original for Rs. 299 at Pepperfry!

Sowmya Nair

Brut has been around for over 40 years as the classic American definition of masculinity. Pepperfry offers Deodorants for men from Brut in two fragrances – Original and Musk. This deodorants for men combo deal comes to you at just Rs. 299. Musk is really the smell for men and has often been treated as the smell of masculinity. This combo has two different deodorants for men to ensure that you smell fresh all day. Choose a fragrance depending on your mood and show it off. You wouldn’t have to try too hard because these deodorants are strong enough to grab all the attention you need. Throw away that awful deodorant you hate much yourself and replace it with this combo! Deodorants for men are not meant to knock people out of their senses. Its supposed to turn their senses on. This combo is exactly what to need to smell good – for yourself and for others. Leave a trace of your fragrance as you walk by. Let people remember who the smell belongs to!

How to buy deodorants for men – Brut Musk & Original:deodorants for men

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Product Description:

Fragrance Type Fresh
Volume 200
Concentration Deodorant
Brand Brut


4 Responses to “Deodorants for men-Brut Musk & Original for Rs. 299 at Pepperfry!”

  1. Aarpit

    I’ve heard a great deal of freaky stuff regarding aluminum inside deodorants plus antiperspirants plus was thinking when there are any antiperspirants I could purchase at the shop which never contain or contain pretty small aluminum. Also, they require to be efficient.

  2. Narottam

    I have tried different deodorants plus they don’t appear to function, i am really athletic thus i sweat a lot even if am not doing anything active. I was wondering if anyone knew what might assist me

  3. Aadesh

    My friend’s parents won’t allow her purchase perfume, just deodorant, thus she’s gonna try to compromise, plus discover a deodorant which smells like a perfume! Thnx for helping!!!!!!!
    Oh, plus are you able to try to recommend deodorants which are simple to locate, plus not too expensive?

  4. Kabandha Thakur

    Last week I got a pain in my armpit and I didn’t know what it was. My friend said it might be deodorant. I don’t particularly like using deodorant because there may be a link between that and breast cancer.
    Is there anything else I could use besides everyday deodorant? Isn’t it kind of obvious that I’m more concerned about my health and do wash?


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