Pay Rs 749 for Dettol No Touch Hand Wash Cucumber – Pack Of 2


Nothing can be better than to stay clean and hygenic but yet you have to pay a low price for it. Wash and keep clean hands only with the Dettol no touch hand wash soap. This is a kit that comes with two dettol whose content volume of each is 250 ml. The original price for this is Rs.1500 but you can buy it at 50% discount only for Rs.749 from Dettol No-Touch makes it easier and safer for you to promote healthy lifestyle within your family. You can also carry this kit on your travel so that you can be germ free even when you on the go and thus allowing you to have a health safer trip. Just go a step ahead for providing the extra safety to yourself and your family.

How to buy the dettol no touch hand wash:-

  • Available here at best price is the dettol no touch hand wash.
  • Click on buy now and proceed to billing gateway.
  • Make safe and secure payment.

The dettol no touch hand wash that comes in a kit is a new and very unique product. You can call this an innovative product break through in Hand Hygiene. The No-Touch dispenser automatically senses your hands and dispenses an adequate amount of liquid soap. The right amount so that wastage can be avoided but at the same time the right amount keeps your hands clean from any germs. This can be very beneficial for little loved ones as their hands are in contact with many things thus instantly catch germs.

With the use of the dettol no touch hand parents can stay care free. Thus the dettol no touch hand wash  allows lesser spread of harmful germs. Palms and hands easily gather germs on them. It is very necessary to use the right hand wash soap to remoe the impurities. Thus you can completely rely on dettol no touch hand wash. You do not have to worry about drying out your hands after using this hand wash as it is gentle on your hands your hands will be thoroughly cleaned but without losing moisture.

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Rs 1500
Rs 749