Dettol No Touch Liquid Handwash now at Rs. 419 – Save Rs. 150

Sonali Singh

Pollution. Contaminated Water. Rainy season. All of these bring lot of diseases with them.The first step towards taking care of health is eliminating germs.The germs are highly stubborn and are not an easy catch to wash.Slow or mild soaps can not win over these.So there has to be a permanent unbeatable solution to get rid of these micro-organisms. Dettol is a company that is serving people and taking care of their health since ages.It has now launched a germ-fighter that is impregnable.The dettol no touch liquid handwash is an insurmountable solution.It is brought to you by at a price of Rs 419/-.It helps you save Rs 150/-.

How to get the dettol no touch liquid handwash?

  1. Shop for dettol no touch liquid handwash.
  2. Please Click on Add to Cart.
  3. Use coupon : GET150 to get Rs 150 off on Rs 569/-.
  4. There is also Cash on delivery available for the product.
  5. It also facilitates delivery in 7 working days.
  6. Save on your shipping.
  7. Minimal shipping charges Rs 70/-.

Now stay healthy and fit with dettol no touch liquid hand wash.It keeps those scourging germs away. It also eases you of the hassle of touching the knob of hand wash.Hence giving you a hands free experience.The dettol has brought this no touch solution to help you maintain the hygiene level.It helps you not to go through the irksome affair of touching it repeatedly.As washing hands is an activity that is repeated million times a day.

So before eating food, after toilet, getting back from outdoors.After touching anything that could spread contamination.The dettol no touch liquid handwash is ideal for bathroom and kitchen use.It helps bolster good health as it prevents contamination.It also helps prevent any contact with the soap pump.Soap is touched by all so it could be a home for germs if mild.So to foster effective and healthy hand washing bring dettol no touch liquid hand wash.

Product Details:

  • Dettol no touch liquid hand wash system helps reduces the germs.
  •  It automatically senses the hands and dispenses just the right amount of soap.
  •  It’s ideal for use in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • You don’t have to anymore worry about touching the knob.
  • The dettol no touch liquid handwash dispenses soap on its own.

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