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Sonali Singh

The movie Dhoom, an action thriller, that created waves with its launch. A multi-starer movie, was an eye-popper that had a story line quite different from the bland trend of love stories. Equally good its second sequel was, it buzzed and boomed keeping the thrill factor intact. The recently launched trailers of its yet another installment Dhoom 3, have been quite successful to keep up the surprise and thrill till now. And only the trailers could create the undying and nail-biting thrill.




Wonder how the movie would set the silver screen on fire? Intriguing all, one could even see the logos and the posters, of the movie etched all around. Similarly, blending in a smart way, Orosilber has come up with an innovation that fuses the logos of the movie in various accessories and brings to you fancy and contemporary accessories. Launched by, Dhoom 3 Merchandise online. Accessories like key-chains, wallets and what not. Browse to view the creative collection.

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Well, the attitude that is worn by the celebs in the movies often leaves a fantasizing effect on sundry and all. The craze to wear the celeb-like attitude, is deep-seated. So, even you do not have to crave anymore for such attitude. Attitude will be yours now. As brings a huge array of accessories with the logos of Dhoom 3 etched on them. Now wear the style, the aura that was just a fantasy till now. The powerful and thrilling amalgamation of bikes, babes and baddies, that, the movie Dhoom 3 is all bout, that keeps the excitement glued, can also be brought to your lives. The styles and the vogues exhibited is yet another fad. So freak out the manias and don the world with the same attitude. Helping you fan even your tiniest wish, has showcased the latest and the very fresh range.


Range varies from key-chains to sexy Dhoom 3 etched tie-pins. From wallets to belts. From very raw wrench shaped pendants to screw driver shaped pendants. Accessories talking volumes about your attitude is just few clicks away. Wait not to make the best purchase by bagging home Dhoom 3 Merchandise online. The young collection showcased for Dhoom 3 Merchandise online is the trendiest of all that brings the seamless attitude while you swagger around. A launch from, that is indubitably, a giant in online shopping. A shoppers’ destination that has brought the best and hand-picked deals at clicks for you always. You can bag home from anything to everything. So just wait not and gear up to get the Dhoom 3 Merchandise online and at highly affordable prices

Also Available Krrish 3 Merchandise.

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