Digitek DLT-002 Pocket Torch 9 LED at Rs 125 – 29% OFF



Torch is the first thing a person needs to have when there is no electricity. Who wants to search for those candles in darkness? Get Digitek Pocket Torch 9 LED at just Rs 125. This torch is extremely useful and handy as you can carry this in your pocket with ease.

How to Get Pocket Torch 9 LED?

  1.  Go to tradus.com and get Pocket Torch 9 LED.
  2. Apply Coupon code DDP50 to Buy Digitek DLT-002 Pocket Torch 9 LED For Rs 125.

Torch is not only useful when the electricity goes but also in many other instances like trekking, picnic, office purpose, personal use etc. Whenever you go out for a picnic, probably torch is 1 thing that is always there on your ‘Wanted List’. Its a must to have a good quality Pocket Torch 9 LED to get light wherever there is darkness. This Pocket Torch 9 LED has ultra bright LED’s of 15000 MCD which makes it even more useful. While there are no street lights on the streets, this Pocket Torch 9 LED could be your friend to show you the route ahead. With this, you need not worry about falling in pit fall or about any other dangers. This Pocket Torch 9 LED would be your friend in your pocket.

It has a easy casing grip which lets you hold with ease and comfort. It is light-weight, stylish and very ease to carry anywhere and everywhere. It glows up for almost 30 hours. So even if your electricity goes off, this Pocket Torch 9 LED would never let you live in dark. Your studies won’t be harmed and you can be in light always. With this torch, you get super heavy duty 3 AAA batteries absolutely FREE. What else can you ask for in just Rs 125?

Get this torch right away from Tradus at just Rs. 125/-.

Product Description:

  • 9 LED Pocket Torch.
  • Easy Casing Grip
  • Hand Strap
  • Ultra Bright LED’s of 15000 MCD
  • Glows for up to 30hours.
  • Super Heavy Duty 3XAAA Batteries FREE.

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