Dinner Set of Mosaic – 16 pc from Pepperfry at Best Price of Rs 499

Deepika Dewan

The grace of a true kitchen comes from the best food and the best cutlery served. There is nothing that can beat the magic of a Dal Makhani served in pure stainless steel serving bowl. Pepperfry.com serves the same delight at price-saving rates with its 16 pc Mosaic Dinner Set. Call your distant family, kitty party ladies or a whole bunch of your friends and see them gorge on the dinner set instead. With the shining glamour of stainless steel and the simple and elegant designs of Mosaic, there can be nothing better to watch or eat in. That’s why they say the pleasure of eating lies not just in the hands that cook but the hands that serve!

How to purchase Dinner Set of Mosaic – 16 pc?

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Mosaic 16 Pcs Dinner Set - Rs. 499.

The table is set for a mind-blowing 16 pc stainless steel dinner set from Mosaic. Serve endless meals to your family night and day with these good looking and lustrous utensils that have been uniquely crafted for your convenience. The 16 pc set comprises of full plates, tumblers, vegetable bowls, and spoons. Which means you have the right amount of utensils for your gravy-based dishes, dry and fried dishes, water, rice and chapattis. That’s what is called a wholesome meal. No asking around your neighbors any more for more utensils to treat your guests. The Mosaic Dinner Set delivers the benefit of more and beautifully. So grab this perfect dining set for a family of 4 today from Pepperfry and see the entire family eat non-stop to delight.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Mosaic.
  • Dimensions: Dinner Plate Diameter – 12 cm, Veg. Bowl Diameter – 8 cm, Baby Spoon Length – 10 cm, Tumbler Diameter x Length – 8 x 10 cm.
  • Pack Content: 16 Pieces (4 Dinner Plates + 4 Veg. Bowls + 4 Glasses + 4 Spoons).
  • Material: Stainless Steel.

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Rs 499