Vtech Disney 80-84083 Disney Pixar Wall E from Amazon at Flat Rs 1799

Sonali Singh

Now let your kids turn into super whiz kids. Let them learn the basic fundamentals with fun unlimited. Give them a real treat of knowledge wrapped in play. For super kids, here comes the best Vtech Disney Pixar Wall e. Brought to you by Amazon.in at just Rs 1799/- only. In the tech-savvy age, why should games be archaic? With exposure kids are getting smarter and smarter. Let not the smartness of your kids seem to have any bounds. Give them this highly enjoyable laptop cum game from the house of Disney. Check out the details now and get your order.

How to get the Disney Pixar Wall E?

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Disney Pixar Wall E

Let your kid learn the most amazing facts with fun. The Disney Wall E is out of this universe. Send your naughty kid into the orbit with the fascinating Wall-E laptop. The Disney game is designed to imitate the star of Disney pixar’s awesome movie.As the movie made a hit it created ripples. It will teach letters, math, words, logic in five modes of play. It will be fun all the more and at the same time learning. Young space explorers can take a dive into fascinating visuals. Your kids will adopt 15 amazing learning activities and games.It will enhance the mental ability of your kid. It is best suited for kids of age 4 – 7 years. Supported and armored with 3 AA batteries.The Disney Wall-E Laptop is backed with  a flip-down keypad. The qwerty keyboard, moving arm controllers, an LCD screen and a winking right eye. These are all the parts and features of the game.

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Rs 2299
Rs 1799