Dominos Pizza Wednesday Offer: Flat 25% OFF | Flat Rs 100 OFF


Hello  Wednesday, again Dominos is here with Wednesday offer, order now for your lunch and avail any of the two offer using coupon code. Use code : TMP25 for getting 25% Off and WBZ100 for Rs 100 Off.  So, make your choose wisely and enjoy the delicious pizza from Dominos.

How to get Wednesday Offer from Dominos pizza to avail 25% Off or Rs 100 Off?

  1. Click to place your order now.
  2. Select the pizza and add to cart.
  3. Use coupon code : TMP25 to get 25% Off.
  4. And Code: WBZ100, to save Rs 100.
  5. Make easy and secure payment.

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Rs 400
Rs 300