Dream Care Navy Blue Washing Machine Cover at Rs 199 Only


Snapdeal gives you a good deal on Washing machine cover. You can now buy a Dream care Navy blue washing machine cover for just Rs.199 only. Yes, it is as cheap as that.

How to get Dream Care Navy Blue Washing Machine Cover at Rs.199 only:

  1. Get Dream Care Navy Blue Washing Machine Cover.
  2. Click on Buy.
  3. Fast delivery by Snapdeal.


A washing machine plays an important part in the daily chores` life. Decreases the burden, time taken and stress a dhobi has to face instead. Washing machine makes it so easier with just a dump of a huge load of clothes. Throw them in and collect them within a little span of time. It is proved to be effective, efficient and time saving. Life was never this easy. But have you ever given a thought about keeping a washing machine neat, clean and dust free? It keeps your clothes clean, so why not keep it clean? Silly you may find, but preventing dust from accumulating on the washing machine is essential. One needs to clean the inside of a washing machine on a regular basis to prevent the blades and the parts from getting dirty. It helps in keeping the clothes fresh. What also helps in keeping the clothes fresh is maintaining the exterior of the washing machine  too. One cannot always dust the washing machine. If you are out of town for a couple of weeks, make sure that the washing machine is covered.  Get your hands on the Dream Care Navy Blue Washing machine cover for Rs.348, Rs.199 only. You can pay for it by cash when the product is delivered but remember that there will be shipping charges of Rs.30 for this product because its cost is below the required amount. Nevertheless, a washing machine cover for just Rs.199 is completely worth it.


Product Description:

  • Brand: Dream Care
  • Quantity: 1
  • Cover for up to 6.5 kg washing machine
  • Colour: Navy blue
  • Design: Plain
  • Fabric: Fine polyester with cotton filling
  • It is waterproof, easy to remove and durable
  • It comes with zip closure
  • Shields your washing machine from water, dust, stains and scratches
  • It can fit any brand of washing machine
  • It is expertly assembled to enhance the life of your washing machine
  • Product code: WC_FA_H-32L-23W-23Navy_Blue

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