Earth 3D Number Wall Clock Black and Gold at Rs 899 Only

Sonali Singh

Imagine how the world would have been without watches and clocks? Probably the running century would not have been called the century of technology and we, still would have followed the Sun’s shadow and direction to calculate time. How archaic and arduous it feels and seems to even think now.Well, time yourselves to run with time.Embellish your walls with the regal 3D number wall clock, brought to you by at just Rs 899/- only. a jaw-dropping discount of 40%.

How to buy the 3D number wall clock :

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  2. Click on BUY
  3. Free delivery.
  4. Enjoy paying cash on delivery.
  5. Dispatched in 1 business day.

A product of the brand “Earth”,the 3D number wall clock is an exquisite piece that would not only enhances the beauty of your home but would also keep you abreast of time. The broad and big enough 3D number wall clock is of standard 12 inches diameter and occupies optimum space on your wall and hence making it look perfect. The movement time followed by the 3D number wall clock is Quartz, and is made up of high quality material that is all long-lasting and make you feel a good experience.

The highly ornate 3D number wall clock is designed in black and gold color, that gives it a royal, classy and trendy look. The sharp and very smart needles of the clock ticks the perfect time and are also gold tinted.The 3D numbers on the 3D number wall clock, makes it look more like a wall hanging piece and showing time and hence serving both the purposes at the same time. Could be perfectly hung in your living area, your drawing room, in your entrance, in your lobby or even in your study. A highly decorative piece as well as a time piece at the same time.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Earth
  • Color: Black and gold
  • Diameter: 12 inches
  • Material: MDF wood
  • Movement type: Quartz Runs on battery (not included) Made of high-quality material for a lasting time experience
  • Brilliant 3D number timepiece designed for your entrance area, living room or your study

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