Emblem Virgo Maroon trolley bags online sale buy at Rs 2070 – 50% OFF


Planning for a vacation with family? Or going for a family function out of town.. These heavy suitcases and bags..oh ho they are so many now! ! Keeping count of all your bags can be difficult of course.  But what if..you place all your stuff in a single luggage trolley? Obviously, you would able to have a tension-free  trip. Why don’t you think of buying trolley bags or strolleys in trolley bags online sale.


How to get this Emblem Virgo Maroon trolley bags online sale at just Rs 2070:

  1. Go to  Emblem Virgin trolley bags online sale.
  2. Click on “buy” and bring home this super stylish trolley bag.
  3. Ultra fast delivery by Snapdeal.

You won’t have to worry more about counting your bags or carrying large bags on your backs. This Emblem Virgo Maroon Trolley becomes an easy choice when planning for long trips. Even for ladies, this trolley will lessen your burden and make your trip even more stylish. Made of polyester, this trolley has a single compartment with 2 front and 1 back pocket and that too in just Rs 2070..vow!! isn’t this amazing?? So it even means that you can now actually take those 2 favorite dresses of yours which you had to drop because of less space. Now hurry up..and grab this offer at your earliest and get this amazing trolley bags online sale.

 Product Details:

  • Brand: Emblem
  • Stylish unisex trolley
  • Colour: Maroon
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimension (cm): 30 x 50 x 20 (LxHxW)
  • Compartment: Single compartment with two front pockets and a back pocket
  • Handle/Strap: Two comfortable handles with an extendable trolley handle
  • Closure: Zip closure
  • Product Code: Virgo-20-Maroon

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