Flat sale on footwear Men and Women on Fashos – More than 80% OFF


This is the time for you to get hold of some cool shoes.Get lucrative offers and huge discounts on footwears for men and women now on Fashos.¬†Fashos is a leading ecommerce website that offers the best quality formal shoes from their in house brand Fashos. Beautifully crafted and elegant you’re bound to get lots of appreciation when you wear them. These shoes also come with the unique feature of water resistance. There are many other popular and fine brands available.Grab the end of season sale offer now.


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2 Responses to “Flat sale on footwear Men and Women on Fashos – More than 80% OFF”

  1. Achintya

    last 2 years i was using myntra to purchase for shoes and footwears.
    now flipkart is my best online store to purchase for shoes. i love reebok and puma shoes. nike is more price.

  2. Achyuthan

    So i have a job interview(part-time) plus was thinking what will be fine to wear?
    would it be ok to wear jeans, a switch down/ polo plus several formal boots?
    This really is my initially job(im 17) plus i’ve just been interviewed when before plus i wish all out formal(Dress trousers, dress boots, switch down along with a tie) plus i didn’t receive the job. This really is a piece time job chain like Big lots, or target thus i dont think it would need to be which formal. So is it ok when i wear jeans a switch down or polo plus good boots? and what are other strategies which i must do inside purchase for me to receive a greater chance?
    THANKS!!!! my interview is on saturday thus i have certain time to think it over


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