Enter Beats Headphone Price in India at Rs 315 Only

Fatima Ansari

The youth today wants to be as funky and stylish as possible. Beats headphone offers that with the best features and the best designs. And how we all thought that beats headphones are way too expensive and hence, beyond our reach. But wait, we just heard it right, beats headphone price in India is available at a throw away price. Dealstan.com brings you a deal that you will never believe, beats headphone now available at just INR 315/- on Shopclues.

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These are not just headphones, but can also be used as a microphone with volume control, the mic directly attached to the headphone. The beats headphones comes in 5 colours- yellow, purple, red, black and pink- to suit every personality. Anti noise and bass beat are two of the main features of this awesome beats headphones. Now you can have professional audio with the best design at the best and most affordable beats headphone price in india. All good things don’t last the longest, and so, this offer definitely comes with a time limit. If you love listening to music and music adds colour to your boring life, this colourful headphone is absolutely made for you.

6 Responses to “Enter Beats Headphone Price in India at Rs 315 Only”

  1. Parth

    My dre beat headphones have a extremely especially tiny broken strand, yet all of the additional strands of the copper cable are connected, might they nonetheless function, the strand is virtually unnoticeable. the copper cable remains connected, however a fairly tiny strand of cable is broken, yet not all of the strands are broken plus i’m worried they will likely not function anymore. I don’t have a cable to test them today thus i require someones opinion.

  2. Natraj

    I got a modern speaker for my beats headphones off ebay plus I took them apart. There’s 1 white cable which runs to the additional speaker inside the white cable is 2 wires a red cable along with a orange or yellow wire(can’t tell) I twisted the same color wires together however, just the speaker I got functions plus the additional don’t today plus clearly its the cable issue nevertheless I connected them plus it don’t create sense what am I doing incorrect?

  3. Inakanta

    I’m currently living inside a extremely cold climate plus I was thinking at that temperature are beats headphones risked at being harmed due to being exposed to the freezing air.

  4. This is a very good offer from Monster . You can get very good qaulity headphones at very cheap prices from here.

  5. Garuda Bhonsle

    I have bad ears so can’t have my music 60% or higher or I’ll be deaf but I stil listen to music a lot on my iPod and am usually fine. I am about to buy some solo dre beats head phones or red dre solo beats headphones but is the sound still good if it isn’t loud and is there a difference between the solo hd and solo? thanks


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