EQI 306 Cordless Equity Steam Iron at Rs 846 – 59% OFF + 10% OFF

Shweta Anand

It is a big hassle to iron clothes in a hurry every morning and to top it you have to tackle the twisty cords too! Well no more, the EQI 306 Cordless Equity Steam Iron now comes at just Rs. 846! futurebazaar.com bring this Cordless Equity Steam Iron at a superb discount of 59% off! And on top of that get an additional 10% off through a special coupon just for this month!

How to buy the EQI 306 Cordless Equity Steam Iron at Rs 846?

Cordless Equity Steam Iron
Buy the EQI 306 Cordless Equity Steam Iron at Rs 846 – 59% OFF + 10% OFF only on futurebazaar.com!
  1. Click to view the EQI 306 Cordless Equity Steam Iron!
  2. Enter quantity
  3. Click on BUY NOW!
  4. apply coupon code – july10 and enjoy the extra 10% off!

That means the originally Cordless Equity Steam Iron priced at Rs. 2,290/- is offered to you first for Rs. 940/- and then further the discounted to Rs. 846!

Use Steam Power to free up those wrinkles in your clothing and you don’t have to deal with twisted cords that don’t stretch till the corners of the shirt you’ve spread out. With the non-stick soleplate you get to operate the steam iron with so much easy you can dance while ironing! (It’s not in advertisements only you know, a cord limits your stage) Steam Power is the best to give you the last-all-day-long wrinkle free clothing! People will wonder which laundry you give your clothes for ironing and you can secretly marvel at the thought that you achieved it in minutes without spending that four bucks on each clothing!

The thermostat control and indicator make for convenient and quick ironing everyday and if you’re the procrastinator types like me who runs around in the morning to get her clothes ready, the EQI 306 Cordless Equity Steam Iron is a total god-send!

Key Features

  • Thermostat control and indicator
  • Burst / Adjustable / Spray functions
  • Non-stick soleplate
  • Transparent water Tank
  • Light Indicator
  • Warranty:1 Year

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