Equity Crown Hair Dryer – Cheapest Hair Dryer Online at Rs.425 Only


Save money on both going to the parlor for setting your hair and also while buying the Equity crown hair dryer from FutureBazar.com. Set your own hair style as you want. Or get an immediate blow dry to your hair. Use the cheapest hair dryer online that is available only for Rs.425. This dryer cost Rs.685 else where. Here buy it and save Rs.260. A good amount of money saved goes back into your pockets o this Cheapest Hair Dryer Online. Also the big amounts that you save from going to the parlor goes back into your pocket. Let me tell you this dryer is same to the one used in the parlor. Thus do not worry about the style. It will be as perfect as you could have got one from the parlor. This dryer can also be useful to men available at an attractive price of just Rs 425/-.

How to buy Cheapest Hair Dryer Online:-

  • Buy the cheapest Hair Dryer Online.
  • Click on BUY NOW.
  • Proceed to payment.
  • Make safe payment.
  • Product delivered in 7-10 working days.

The Equity crown Hair Dryer as mentioned above is very user friendly. It has a 3 speed system. The low pace, medium pace and high pace. Set it as per your convenience of use. Late for a party but need to do something about your wet hair to dry it up. Use the high speed and your hair will be dry in a few minutes just as you wanted. Need to blow dry your hair for a particular style. Use the medium speed. Gets your hair a blow dry soon and also gives you the look you desired. Unsure about the style you want. But want a style. Use the low speed to move the dryer slowly and then can gradually check on the style. If unsatisfied change. If satisfied change the speed and speed up the styling process too.

Product details:-

  1. It has a 3 speed setting low.
  2. A easy foldable handle. Easy to move it with you.
  3. Set any position with the movable nozzle.
  4. Power used is 600 walts.

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