Equity Equi-Toast buy Popup Toaster at Rs 934 – 52% OFF


This equity equi- toast pop up toaster gives you an experience of enjoying your grilled or toasts without their nutrients being lost . Often , we avoid such food items considering their quotient of unhealthiness . But with this pop up toaster , you have everything which you makes your food tasty retaining all the effective nutrients in it .

3001008043-1How to buy Equity Equi-Toast Popup Toaster :

  1. Go to Equity Equi-Toash Popup toaster.
  2. Apply coupon code- july10 , for an additional discount of 10 % .
  3. Click on ” buy now “

This small electric kitchen appliance can be used  to toast multiple types of bread products. All items cooked in this pop up toaster , whether it is bread, chicken or fish, remains crisp and tasty without nutrients being lost . A typical modern two-slice toaster draws from 750 watts and makes toast in 3 to 5 minutes. It comes with electronic browning control and frozen, reheat and clean buttons that let you operate the toasting process with ease. The pop up toaster has loads of features like ABS cool touch body and trendy neon light. It is very easy to use , and you can make different  recipes.

Even for the teenagers , this this pop up toaster is really good as they can easily operate it , and make recipes of their choices in very easy and fast manner . This means , you won’t have to wait for your mom’s return from the office to control your hunger . Invite your friends , for group studies and show them your new cooking talent . After all , you learn only if you try these things  out . For working singles , who often miss out their breakfast because they don’t have options to eat can now relax !! You can now try different toasts which get available to you in just 3 or 5 minutes . Simply amazing na..?? And all this you get for only 934 , giving you additional 10% off .

Product Details :

  • Slide out crumb tray
  • 750w and 230V AC Voltage
  • Electronic browning control
  • Trendy neon light and ABS cool touch

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