Eveready Rechargeable Fan With LED Light at Rs 1699 – 20% OFF

Fatima Ansari

We all suffer from electricity cuts once in a while, and some of us who are unfortunate than the others, experience it more often. Tired of the heat and no light problems that you face everytime the light goes off? Dealstan has a convenient solution to your problem.Eveready Rechargeable Fan is the best way to beat the heat and comes at just INR 1699/- only on infibeam.com.

 How to buy Eveready Rechargeable Fan With LED Light at Rs 1699 – 40% OFF?

  1. Buy Eveready Rechargeable Fan With LED Light at Rs 1699 – 20% OFF.
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The actual price of this product is INR 2500, so you save INR 500/-. The Eveready Rechargeable Fan can be adjusted to your suitability and comes at a 180 degree rotation. The speed of the fan can also be controlled easily on high-low as you wish depending on the temperature outside. The air throw direction extends to upto 90 degrees. What’s more in store for you is that the Eveready Rechargeable Fan is not just a fan, but also comes with 16 LED light. Now isn’t that the icing on the cake. So, at the cost of a fan, you end up getting a free light, too. It also consists of an auto on feature, wherein the light switches on on its own when there is no light in the room. The fan cum light can be used for 2.5 hours continuously and only light can be used for a long 20 hours.

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Rs 2500
Rs 1699