Eveready Ultima Power Bank for Smartphones UM 22 at Rs 778

Sonali Singh

Now those times of huge crisis of batteries will not be a problem anymore. While traveling, or going anywhere, the worry of battery will not be your concern. Giving life and energy to the batteries of your smartphones, Amazon.in launches the Eveready Ultima Power Bank for smartphones. And this comes to you at Rs 788/- only which is really a trifle investment for something so good. Check out the details of Ultima Power Bank and get the power any where any time you need.

How to get the Eveready Ultima Power Bank for smartphones?

  1. Shop to get Eveready Ultima Power Bank on Amazon.in.
  2. Click on Add to Cart.
Ultima Power bank

No enjoy the unlimited convenience that you get in the form of this power bank. Just slip the smart device in your bag and get your gadgets charged any where. Best suitable for smartphones the Ultima Power Bank is a device that is more like an asset. Highly useful with plug-in port and you charge your dear smartphones any time. Long power cuts, emergency travelling, inaccessible areas where power is a problem would surprisingly be no more a problem. And the scenario get a lot more worse when you have to travel and your phone switches off. Well the Ultima Power Bank is the remedy. It has a 2200mAH Lithium-Ion battery that is smart in providing charging time of 11 hours. And also surpsingly, the standby time of 30 days.

Equipped with indicators that provide overload and overcharge indications. The short-circuit protection indication and also protects from self-discharge. Best compatible with smartphones, the Ultima Power Bank is a must have device in your travel bags. The box that you buy includes power bank, USB cable and user manual. The User manual will tell you everything about the usage of your power bank. Check out the detailed description of Eveready Ultima Power Bank for smartphones on Amazon.in.

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  1. Amit Choudhary

    The eveready power bank is really a life saver. It comes with 6 month warranty and gives me a full day of charge!


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Ultima Power bank
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Rs 778