Evotek Men Sport Shoes EKT 909 With Free Sunglasses For Rs 439

Sowmya Nair

Run, run, run. Run like the wind. And stay fit like Milkha Singh! The movie is a proof that fitness can be achieved no matter when you start. Right now could be the beginning of a muscular you! Evotek Men Sport Shoes can be just the thing you for!

Here’s a cool combo of fitness and looks. Buy this Evotek Sport Shoes EKT 909 from ShopClues and get really cool sunglasses FREE! 66% off, 100% hot!

How to buy Evotek Men Sport Shoes EKT 909 With Free Sunglasses:

Evotek Men Sport Shoes

  1. Buy Evotek Men Sport Shoes EKT 909 With Free Sunglasses from ShopClues
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. Apply ShopClues coupon code SCES39 to get this for Rs. 439.

Fitness is more for the mind than just the body. A couple of round around the park will very well leave you breathless but right after the adrenaline rush is something to look forward to. Build your stamina, one step at a time, one round at a time. You could even end up in a 5K run soon enough. A dash of discipline is all your need. Buy these shoes and job everyday. French fries will stop showing up as a big unhealthy paunch. Eat as you wish, exercise regularly!

And the FREE sunglasses don’t hurt either 😉 Overall, a cool deal. Don’t miss it. Aviators can instantly add a generous stroke of hotness to you! The Evotek pair is sturdy and lightweight. Don’t let heavy shoes drag down your pace. Run or walk as you please. These shoes also look casual. So you can wear it just like that when you are out with friends doing nothing too sporty.

Product Description

For Men
Type: Sports Shoes
Neck : Mesh
Upper Material: Synthetic Leather
Sole Material: Eva
For Sportswear
Padded Collar And Tongue For Plush Comfort
Sturdy And Comfortable
Sporty And Lightweight
Style: Lace-Up Closure With False Stitch Detailing On Upper

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