Extra 10% Off on Bosch Laser Measuring Tool from Flipkart Holi Offer


When it comes to measuring Distance, Area and Volume, do you think it is an expensive field reserved for the select few. It is not as considering the Holi festival, Flipkart.com presents Bosch Laser Measuring Tool at Extra 10% Off. Talk about state-of-the-art and the laser technology in this Bosch device gives you precise measurement upto 40 m, accuracy of 1.5 mm and measurement time of less than 0.5 second. Dust and Splash protected, the Bosch Laser Measuring Tool is lightweight and easy to carry in pocket and therefore measure the distance. Charged by AAA Battery, it has a soft grip that makes it tough and sturdy to hold. Appropriate for Households and Small Site Measurement, they have the facility of Automatic Deactivation after 5 minutes of non-usage.

How to get this Bosch Product at discounted price of Rs 5940?

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  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.
Extra 10% Off on Bosch Laser Measuring Tool from Flipkart Holi Offer

The next time you have to measure distance, area and volume, get the Bosch Laser Measuring Tool as a part of Flipkart Holi offer at Price Saving of Rs. 6060.

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Rs. 12000
Rs 5940