Face towels pack of 7 pieces for Rs. 135


Humidity driving you crazy and no towel in sight? Get your hands on a Face Towels pack that comes in a pack of 7 pieces and drive away all your worries! Futurebazaar is offering a pack of Face Towels (7 pieces) at just Rs. 135. Perfect for yourself or even as a gift!

Buy now for Rs. 135 + Rs. 50 (shipping)

How to buy Face Towels pack of 7 pieces for Rs. 135:

1. Buy Face towels pack of 7 pieces from Futurebazaar

2. Click on BUY NOW.

3. Go to your cart and check out product. No Futurebazaar coupon code is applicable

Product Description:

These highly absorbent towels are excellent for drying/wiping moisture directly off the body. Each towel is made from superior linen which makes it light, strong and compact.


  • Cotton material
  • Size: 25 x 25 cm
  • Pack of 7

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