Buy Fastrack Core Women’s Watch NA6001SM01 at 25% OFF | Rs. 1571

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How to buy the striking Fastrack Core Women’s Watch:

  1. Go to buy Fastrack Core Women’s Watch.
  2. Add to Cart.
  3. Go to Buy Now.
  4. Use the snapdeal coupon code: RUN25.


For all you fashionistas and style statement makers. We have a unique range of Fastrack Core Women’s Watch for you. Combination of style and individuality both. It a special designer piece made just for you. The breath taking analog display is clear and crisp. The timing is easy to read. Comfortable to wear. It is easy to clean and maintain. It is highly durable. The rounded square dial shape if perfect for your delicate hands. For all you guys, who wish to give a special gift for your loved one. Look no further. Fastrack Core Women’s Watch is the best gift.

The stainless steel strap material is sleek and blistering. Look elegant and sophisticated at the same time. It is water resistant. You can team this watch with casual or formal attire. Complete your look by accessorizing it with this watch. Look stylish and cool. This watch will last for a very long duration without giving you any issues. It comes with a 1 year warranty to ease your worries. Designed for your comfort and to suit your needs. Do not skip using the above mentioned coupon code for a flat 25% off on the mentioned price. Rush to purchase today as very less units are available. So now you another reason to look at your wrist other than just checking out the time!

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  1. Arnav Raman

    Fastrack core watch is at its best selling price i am purchasing it now from indiatimes.


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