Fastrack Sunglasses starting at Rs 715 Only – 10% Extra OFF


Sunglasses are just the trick when it comes to the extra icing in your wardrobe. has showcased these brilliantly churned out sunglasses from the house of Fastrack at a a huge discount of 10% OFF. The starting price of these pedantically churned out sunglasses is Rs 715/- only. Available in various shapes and sizes, like oval, square, round, sporty, and very funky looking sunglasses. Crafted from the best of materials, these frames and lenses are very robust. The material of the sunglasses being resin which is very sturdy and protects your tender eyes from the glare of the sun. Check out details and order now.

How to get this Fastrack Sunglasses at discounted price of Rs 715?

  1. Click here to go to the Store Page.
  2. Select this product and add it to shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and make payment.
Fastrack Sunglasses starting at Rs 715 Only - 10% Extra OFF


Fastrack Wayfarer Sunglasses (Yellow White) Rs 795/- Rs 715/-

fastrack sunglasses amazon716


Fastrack Sport Sunglasses (Matte Grey) Rs 795/-

fastrack sunglasses amazon795


Fastrack Wayfarer Sunglasses (Yellow Black) Rs 795/- Rs 716/-

fastrack sunglasses amazon7162


Fastrack Oval Sunglasses (Dark Brown) Rs 995/- Rs 896/-

fastrack sunglasses amazon896


Fastrack Oval Sunglasses (Black Grey) Rs 1095/- Rs 986/-

fastrack sunglasses amazon986


Fastrack Sport Sunglasses (Black Maroon) Rs 1495/- Rs 1346/-

fastrack sunglasses amazon1346


Fastrack Oversized Sunglasses (Brown Tortoise) Rs 1,595/- Rs 1,436/-

fastrack sunglasses amazon1436


Fastrack Oversized Sunglasses (Purple) Rs 1695/- 1526/-

fastrack sunglasses amazon1526

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Rs 795
Rs 715