Fastrack Watches Starting from Rs. 650 Only at snapdeal


This summer get the coolest offers at snapdeal.  Fastrack Watches starting from Rs. 650 Only. Select any Fastrack watch of your choice and chance in an additional Flat 25% Off. Upon checkout use Snapdeal Prom code FASHION to avail the discount. So what are you waiting for? Grab it now itself!

How to buy Fastrack Watches starting from Rs. 650 Only:

  1. Buy Fastrack Watches starting from Rs. 650 Only.
  2. Select awatch of your choice.
  3. Click BUY.
  4. Register or Login to
  5. Upon checkout use Snapdeal Promo Code: FASHION to chance in an additional 25% Off.
  6. Make the Payment.

Emphathisizing the needs and comfort of our young generation, Snapdeal presents the coolest watches of fastrack in town with an additional 25% discount. Select a watch of your choice from the collection of different colors and designs and  project the image in front of your friends by strapping one of these timepieces on your wrist.

About Watches:

Fastrack is the brand for the young generation, which is part of the Titan brand. It is said to be one of the inventive youth brands. Trendy in design and young in patrons, it began with watches, extended into eyewear and aims to reinvent itself as a youth accessories brand. Watches became wrist gear, Sunglasses became eye gear. The Fastrack ad campaigns with their pithy taglines were open to interpretation and accompanied by product designs which spoke volumes. Thus, there is ample choice when it comes to watches for young men and women amongst Fastrack watches.

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