FCUK Perfume 100ml at Cheapest Price Online for Rs. 1170 Only

Deepika Dewan

Full of energy and vibrancy. Its the next best thing to woo your imagination to the highest note. Snapdeal.com presents FCUK Perfume 100ml at Cheapest Price Online for Rs. 1170 Only. An exciting fragrance that is wild in the wildest of dreams and really strong in the spell it casts. Don’t miss the after effect!  Its the FCUK fragrance that will redefine your personality and recognition!  An everyday scent that remains on clothes for 24 hours. Strong and spirited, it has the French connection and the luxury fragrance that makes you leave behind lingering memories.   

How to buy FCUK Perfume 100ml?

  • Go to Snapdeal.
  • Select the zingy FCUK Perfume 100ml.
  • Click on Buy.
  • Cash on Delivery.
  • Delivered in 1 business day.

How to cast an impression is now easy. One that is fruity, flowery and sensual. Great smell and great value. Long lasting. Perfect for evening wear. Snapdeal.com presents FCUK Perfume 100ml. A French connection that is the opposite of everything conventional. Vibrant top notes of bergamot, muguet and water iris. Hypnotic middle notes of barrigtonia flower, jasmine, peony and violet. Mysterious bottom notes of golden amber musk, sandalwood and cedarwood. As you can make out now, FCUK Perfume is modern, provocative and sexy-to-the-hilt. This floral, oriental fragrance is locked in a designer bottle made of glass and metal that suggests its modern character. Experience the striking intense and sensual scent. Thanks to the rich intense bouquet of flowers. The perfume starts with the bursting floral notes. As it wears down, it becomes richer and woody with the peaking sandalwood and vanilla. Essentially, its a good wear and Cheapest Price Online for Rs. 1170 Only.

Key Features:

  • Type: Citrus, Oriental.
  • Attractive Packaging.

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Rs 1170