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Sowmya Nair

Time to bid farewell to your old not-so-good speakers and invest in something that’s totally worth the money. Fenda 2.0 USB Speakers V620 are also called F&D Multimedia V620 speakers. These speakers deliver exceptional quality sound, you will be most satisfied. Tired of no bass speakers? Get Fenda USB Speakers 2.0 V620 today.

Croma offers this Fenda USB Speakers 2.0 V620 at just Rs. 694. If you have the ear for good music, this is a must buy!

How to Get Fenda USB Speakers 2.0 V620:

Fenda USB Speakers

  1. Buy  Fenda 2.0 USB Speakers V620 from Croma
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. No Croma coupon code is applicable

With a frequency range of 90-20000 Hz you get to experience a thumping low, strong mids and clear highs. The L to R separations of the speakers is equal to 35dB or more. The Fenda USB Speakers 2.0 V620 are sleek and can go well with your state-of-the-art PC. They occupy hardly any space and perform exceptionally well. Don’t miss out on any nuance in music. Pick the highs, mids and lows just the way its supposed to be. These speakers can be connected through USB port to any PC and are easily portable!

Product Description:


  • 90-20000 Hz Frequency response
  • 35 Decibels left and right separation
  • Connected through USB port to any pc
  • Model No: V620
  • Brand: Fenda
  • Frequency Response (Hz): 90-20000
  • Colour: Black Product
  • Type: PC Speaker System
  • USB: Yes
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm):100 x 73 x 66

2 Responses to “Get Fenda USB Speakers 2.0 V620 at Rs. 694 | CromaRetail”

  1. I have lately bought several speakers. [Durabrand 2.0 CH USB powered speaker system]
    These are typically supposedly PnP nevertheless whenever I connect both the USB plus the sound card cord into the computer it refuses to connect either. I have a usb flash drive which I have tried with all the same USB port I am utilizing plus it does identify it, So I don’t think which the usb port is messed up. Can somebody aid me, please?

  2. I have a usb speaker along with a standard speaker, how to connect them to 1 computer plus utilize them simultaneously?
    is there any software or program configuration which may support?


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Rs 890
Rs 694