FERMANI MEN 7847 at Rs 1,100 – Flat 50% OFF

Shweta Anand

It’s about time you got snazzy and did something to make your feet fall in love with you everyday! Yes it is important you do that. And to do that it is important that you buy the Fermani Men 7847 right now! I mean the shoe has a numeral in it’s name people.. it can not get more fancy and hip (Think 007 here! :P). and to top that, you get it for a flat 50% off!! That’s right, what’s priced at Rs. 2,199/- comes to you for no more that Rs. 1,100/-! You really don’t need to be told more, now do you?? 

How to get the Fermani Men 7847 at Rs 1,100?

Fermani Men 7847
Buy the Fermani Men 7847 for Rs. 1,100 at flat 50% off only on bestylish.com
  1. Click to view the Fermani Men 7847 for Rs 1,100 at Flat 50% OFF!
  2. Select your size
  3. Click on ADD TO BAG!
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Get an impeccable casual look with a hint of glamour sensibility in this blue casual shoe and the absolutely amazing wide range of shoes offered by FERMANI. This preppy version is an absolute fashion staple for men who love keeping things stylish.Men have few accessories as it is, and to have the most stylish and the best of them is a priority and a necessity! It’s a LAW to have the best of shoes, Gentlemen! And we help you by bringing the best brands at the best rates! We help you abide by the law laid down by the proverbial fashion police! They will eye you with envy I assure you!

You can also check out other superbly hot shoes for men at bestylish.com! and spruce up your wardrobe, Walk on superbly happy feet be it through sun or shower! View the Slip-ons, the lace ups, the formal and casual footwears. Style up with every attire you wear with the Fermani Men 7847 right now!

This product’s specification:

  • Colour: Blue
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Inner Material: Fabric
  • Heel Height: Up to 3 cm
  • Sole Type:TPR
  • Occasion: Casual

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