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If you are person who likes comfort with the sporty feeling than these Fila Roadstar Non Leather Sandal are perfect for your choice. These Fila Roadstar Non Leather Sandal are the perfect sandals that would save you from getting your feet burnt on those trodden roads.

How to Get Fila Roadstar Non Leather Sandal?

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Not every person likes to be in those ports shoes all day. Your feet needs some air too. These Fila Roadstar Non Leather Sandal exactly do the same for you. Extremely comfortable and easy to wear. These Fila Roadstar Non Leather Sandal have a sole that has a great grip. It has a padded footbed for your foot. The strap on the the sandal would give you great fit. You can easily wear them as casuals. Not only are they comfortable bu they also provide you with great style.

These are light weight sandals which you can wear anywhere and everywhere. If you’re going out for trekking and don’t have proper sports shoes then these sports sandals would fill in the need for you. Available at a very low price of just Rs. 1599/-, these sandals are perfect to get a sporty look.

Get them now from Flipkart at just Rs. 1599/- and enjoy the sportiness without actually wearing sports shoes.

Specifications of Fila Roadstar Non Leather

Ideal For Men.
Slipper & Flip Flop Details
Style Loop at Back and Front, Cut Work Detail, Panel and Stitch Detail, Textured Footbed, Broad Strap, Ankle Strap, Velcro Closure.
Color BLK, RED.
Type Non Leather.
Outer Material FABRIC/PU.
Sole Material RUBBER.
Tip Shape Round.
Weight 273 gm (per single Slipper) – Weight of the product may vary depending on size.
Additional Details
Other Details Padded Footbed, Textured Sole.

One Response to “Fila Roadstar Non Leather Sandal for Men | Flipkart Fila Sandal”

  1. I should wear these leather sandals tomorrow for an whole day however, they slide SO MUCH.

    These are typically completely smooth found on the sole: no rubber, no ridges… It’s risky to walk inside them.
    I tried 4 different shops to obtain those grippy elements we place found on the soles of slippery boots .NO LUCK.

    Then what do I do?!


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Rs 2199
Rs 1599