Subscribe and Save Minimum 25% on Baby Diapers at Firstcry

Fatima Ansari

How to Subscribe for the Firstcry & Save on Baby Diapers:

  1. Select and purchase your subscription offer from the two options available by clicking here.
  2. You will receive a Digital Code.
  3. Go to and add your favorite huggies product to the cart.
  4. On the order page, enter the digital subscribe and save code.

You always want the best for your babies, be it the cutest baby clothes, the finest quality baby milk bottles, the smartest toys and above all comes the best rash free diapers for your baby to feel relaxed and comfortable to wear the best clothes and play with the best toys. And when we think of the best baby diapers company, the first name that comes to any parents mind is ‘Huggies’. But with the top company comes a price, to lessen the price and make it easy on your poscket, Dealstan has got you an amazing deal.

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Huggies along with brings you an exclusive offer called ‘Subscribe and Save’. There are two deals available under this offer, the first one being that you pay INR 3000/- and get awarded with a 20% discount on all huggies products, which is valid for 3 months. In the second one you pay INR 5000/- and get a 25% discount on huggies products and baby diapers, valid for 6 months. To explain the offer more precisely would go this way, for example in the first offer, you are expected to pay INR 3000/- in one go and as soon as you make the online payment you will receive ‘Subscribe and Save’ code on your email id, that you will have to enter when you checkout to get a flat 20% discount.

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  1. I wear diapers plus lately I tried found on the largest pull up i think they have, it fit nevertheless I would like anything to suit greater. My waste is 34 inches about. I just like baby diapers plus pull ups no depends or any of which.. What brands are wise plus what models would fit me?? Yes it happens to be a fetish please provide me severe answers, only ps. I just like wearing them I don’t crap inside them, yet I smetimes pee.


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